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IEC- MHP Programme


1. Information , Education and Communication (IEC) Material:

Reference Document  (Title) Catagory Brief Description / Link
IEC material on Menstrual Hygiene Scheme, under RKSK Leaflet, posters, advocacy booklet, game

The material talks about the periods being a part of normal development, need of good diet and rest during periods, ways to manage it and hygiene during period (Download Link)

Social and Behaviour Changes Interventions for romoting Menstrual and General Hygiene Posters

Posters promoting menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls. The poster is aimed at ensuring that adolescent girls have adequate knowledge and information about menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary napkins and other alternatives such as, if a cloth is used during menstruation it should be washed thoroughly and dried in the sun before re-using it. (Download Link)

Paheli Ki Saheli Flip chart and pocket diary on MHM  

The material encourages adolescent girls to break the culture of silence, seek information and ask questions related to menstruation and puberty.

Flip-chart link

Pocket-diary link

Myna Health Phone Application Content related to MHM, like period tracker, videos related to menstrual hygiene etc.
Informed product choice for MHM Document Download Link

2. Training Modules and Materials:

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MHS booklet

FAQ booklet Download Link
Reading material for ASHAs Information booklet Download Link
Training module for ASHA on menstrual hygiene Training module Download Link
Flipbook on menstrual hygiene Flipbook Download Link
Paheli Ki Saheli Training Module   Download Link

3. Standards & Guidelines:

Reference Document  (Title) Catagory Brief Description / Link
Operational Guidelines : Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene among Adolscent Girls (10-19 Years) in Rural Areas National Guidelines Download Link
Revised guidelines for Menstrual Hygiene scheme Guidelines Download Link
Supportive supervision checklist for Menstrual Hygiene scheme Monitoring checklist Download Link
Menstrual Hygiene Management National Guidelines (December 2015)

National Guidelines

Download Link

4 Audio Visual Material:

Sr.No Description Link
1 Paheli ki Saheli', an initiative by UNICEF India and Johnson & Johnson’s leading sanitary napkin brand ‘Stayfree’ uses puzzles and riddles to break the silence around menstruation matters and trigger a transformation in menstrual health and hygiene for girl Download Link
2 A series of well-produced eight talk shows based on the MHM human interest stories from Gujarat and Jharkhand

Download Link-1        Download Link-2

Download Link-3        Download Link-4

Download Link-5        Download Link-6


3 Movies, mobisodes, booklets (in English and Hindi) by UNICEF Download Link
4 Masik me savdhaniyan-created by C3-Catalyst for Change Download Link